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VC Tours can offer a wide variety of Programmes all-year-round suited for groups small to large, young or old.

Whatever way you would prefer to discover Switzerland, our Programmes focus on many areas of popular interest. Equally, we can design a specifc Tour for your group.


Located in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is a mountainous country encompassing the majority of the famous Alps as well as the Jura mountains. It boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world as well as many stunning lakes including Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) which is one of the biggest lakes in Europe.

Situated in the high Alpine village of Leysin, Switzerland, The Swiss Alpine Centre serves as the base of operations for VC Swiss Tours. With views of the Alps and the dramatic “Dents-du-midi” peaks, the residence is the perfect place for groups to unwind after a day of discovery and soak in the Alpine sunset. On tour day, Leysin provides close access to various different sites in the nearby surroundings allowing visitors to visit the most important sites of the area without having to travel very large distances.

Visits to museums are of course possible, but also spectacular locations such as Montreux (famous for its Jazz Festival) Vevey, Geneva, and Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn or le Cervin in French. You may remember this famous mountain from the packet of Toblerone chocolate! Feeling cheesy? A visit to the town of Gruyère, home of Gruyère cheese is another highlight with the Cailler Chocoloate factory right next door and an added bonus!

Additional option: Neighbouring France is but a short drive away and should groups want to visit our neighbour to the west, there are certainly several options that could be of interest such as the town of Evian-les-Bains, which is but a boat ride across the lake and source of the famous Evian water sold world-wide.

Visits can include:
Summer Camp Zermatt (hiking and exploring)
Summer Camp Montreux
Summer Camp Chateau de Chillon
Summer Camp Geneva (United Nations or Red Cross Museum)
Summer Camp Vevey (Charlie Chaplin Museum)
Summer Camp Evian-les-bains (France)
Summer Camp Gruyère

Itineraries may vary according to what your group or school wants to visit and the amount of days you wish to stay in Switzerland.

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